Streams and their floodplains play critical roles in both urban and rural environments, bolstering climate resiliency, managing stormwater flows, supporting aquatic and terrestrial species, and offering cultural/ recreational opportunities like fishing, boating, and general enjoyment of riverine spaces. Acorn Engineering, Inc. (Acorn) has demonstrated experience in restoring streams, their floodplains, and the surrounding watershed to improve the environmental health of the streams. Typical stream restoration projects include:

Floodplain Restoration
Streambank Stabilization
Hydrologic Modeling
Fluvial Geomorphic Assessment
Water Quality Treatment
Flood Controls
Seed mix specification for revegetation and naturalization


Acorn takes a holistic approach to watershed restoration, designing sensible, durable, and sustainable solutions that are beneficial to infrastructure and aquatic habitats alike. We are excited to work with you on your ecological restoration project which may include:

Aquatic Passage and Stream Connectivity
Habitat Enhancement
Biological Condition Assessment
Integrated Assessments
Invasive Species Remediation
Seed Mix Specifications
Native Planting Layouts
watershed Restoration
watershed Restoration
watershed Restoration
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