Post-Construction Stormwater Inspections

On many projects, either The Maine Department of Environmental Protection (Maine DEP) or the municipality requires annual Third Party inspections of stormwater facilities after construction to be sure they are being maintained. The majority of Acorn Engineering, Inc.’s personnel are recognized by the Maine DEP as Qualified Post - Construction Stormwater Inspectors in addition to industry leading national stormwater certifications.

Acorn may perform the following services for a typical project:

Assess the existing condition of a parcel's stormwater infrastructure to determine existing water quality measures and potential cost-effective retrofits to maximize stormwater credits.
Perform site observations in conformance with the approved project's Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Plan for Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs)such as:
Detention Basins
Vegetated Buffers
Bioretention Cells (Rain Gardens)
Catch Basins
Permanent erosion control measures
Subsurface Detention Basins or Sand Filters
Prepare observations report suitable for the municipality and MDEP
Coordinate necessary maintenance activities with contractors
File individual observation reports with the applicable regulators
Compile 5-year inspection reports for submission to the Maine DEP under their 5-year recertification program
Certification of Annual Maintenance Agreement Inspections
Stormwater Credit Inspections/Applications for sites in participating municipalities
Stormwater Inspections
Stormwater Inspections
Stormwater Inspections
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